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everything i want requires patience. probably because there was a time i told myself that i wont settle for something that i dont fancy just because it's easier to get.i would go for things that i want and if i did not get it,at least i know i've tried.i would rather try my best than let go of it just because i'm afraid of failure. i wanna do so many things,one by one.a step at a time. but seriously a lot of amazing things had happened in my life.i experienced things i've never thought of before.

quick updates
  • bought ticket to korea next july
  • went to britney spears concert!
  • bought tickets to kpop concert in london
  • learning korean language
  • learning pussicat dolls' dance to lose weight
  • forever on diet but once i see the food,term diet disappear!
  • going for europe tour this winter-oh man,big holes in my bank acc
  • not ready for marriage!
  • going to britain and ireland's next top model in 2 hours-free tickets
  • the love of my life will come to london!-breaking down premier in westfield-15 mins away from my place! :)

these few weeks,my personal life gets weird.out of the blue,people come and ask for serious relationship.i've been complaining to my sisters how i wish i have someone.all of my sisters have one and are waiting for the right time to tie the knot.but you know this kinda thing needs right time and right person??coz whoever comes now,doesnt really make me feel like committing.i dont know about the future.but from my point of view,the best relationship that suits me is long distance..i mean at this moment. why? i have so much goals in mind that i wanna accomplish, i wanna spend my teen life to the fullest. 
i dont wanna feel restricted. i dont wanna feel like i need to hold back from doing things i like just to make some space for someone-not yet maybe. so if i were given a chance to choose,i would rather choose long distance.mutual feeling n yet still be able to give each other some space.well,5 years from now probably i'll get married n that timeyou can have all my attention..now let me focus on my study,my personal goals.till i meet some that can be as understanding, i love how i'm living right now :D but thank you.i was amazed by the courage to speak out how you feel. if it's love,fate will bring the two lovers back in the future..just have to have faith! :D

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